Exactly How To Choose The Most Effective Conversational AI Chatbot In 2021

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Chatbots are becoming increasingly common. It's easier than ever to create chatbots. But not all chatbots are made equal and their performance can vary immensely from one model to the next. What does it take for an AI chatbot to be the most effective? Read on to discover the most important qualities that any successful chatbot should have.

The most effective chatbots that can be used for conversational AI have a purpose

Chatbots should be designed with a purpose in mind. The top AI chatbots were typically created to assist companies. There are a variety of ways that an AI chatbot could benefit companies, so let's review some examples.

Relieve Customer Service department

This is most likely the most frequently used use case for AI-powered service desk since they've always been used in order to assist customers in finding answers to their questions online instead of getting in touch with customer service.

In fact, one of the most frustrating aspects of being a customer is to have to wait for a long period of time in order to to reach customer service when you require some answers on a simple problem. By offering this tool to your clients, you help them solve their issue online, quickly and on their own, allowing the customer service department to focus on users with more complex problems, thereby increasing satisfaction with your customers.

Help the HR department.

Chatbots designed to assist HR Departments can take care of the frequent questions collaborators face regarding HR matters, thus lowering the load on the HR team and leaving them free to concentrate on the human element of their role.





The top AI chatbots utilize technology

All chatbots are not equal, as we have previously mentioned. This is especially true when it comes down to the technology they employ and the user experience that they provide. Let's dive deeper into the subject.

Conversational AI chatbots that incorporate NLP technology

As discussed in a prior article about the difference between the various types of bots, there is a big gap between button/menu-based chatbots, the most basic bots you can come across on the market, keyword-based chatbots and the most elaborate type of bot, the AI customer service.

Integrations with third parties platforms

If you take a look, the best AI chatbots are all equipped with the capability of integrating with third-party softwares like an HR platform, or an inventory management software.

Situated on several channels

The world is now flooded with information to be available at the touch of the button. Your chatbot needs to be available across multiple communication channels such as social networks to be able to provide this. This implies that the software you choose to create your chatbot must permit your bot to communicate seamlessly across multiple channels, and store data as well as context for a seamless experience. In best cases the bot should be able to pass the information to a live agent if needed. For getting Best Conversational Platform, you should go to

Escalation to a live agent

Like all technological things, AI chatbots can have limitations. The bot may not be able to respond to the user's query.

It should be able contact an human agent in the event of need. For the escalation process to be as seamless as possible it must be able to relay any history of conversations and other important information so that the user does not be even more annoyed by having to repeat himself.

Best AI chatbots' design

Although the design options aren't endless in the realm of chatbots, do not ignore this aspect. In fact, a simple design with a simple interface will make your chatbot far more appealing to use.

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